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Working Hard / Hardly Working

O! You mighty corporations!
Why must you taunt me like a kitten
with a ball of yarn -
making me spend time filling out paperwork.
Because that is what kittens must do in order to play
with a ball of yarn.

All I want to do is go inside
help the people with their problems
and get a paycheck on the 15th.
Or the 20th.
Whatever day you give out the paychecks.

Could even be the first, or the thirty-first.
Like the 31st flavor of ice cream at Baskin Robbins.
O! Baskin Robbins!
You are another place that has not hired me!
Even tho your dairy desserts are delicious...
just like me...

They have not hired me at Hollywood Video
or at Baskin Robbins, or at Wild Waves,
or at Blockbuster, or at Papa Murphy's,
or at Fred Meyer or at the Paramount.
Wait - I haven't applied at those last few yet.
But if I don't - they they won't.
Dirty corporations!

You make me sit at home
chilling like a man with a filling,
watching movies that I really want to watch,
not doing work that I don't want to do.
O! What a wretched way to spend a summer!

So much of my free time is spent filling out forms
trying to get you to hire me to do small tasks
for little pay.
Oy! I am working so hard
to be
hardly working.

2009 - Nathaniel Jones