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Waffles in the Morning
For Jessica

Sitting awake at four a.m.
On a rainy Tuesday night,
Writing the essay due at nine.
The only thing finished is the title,
And that's not even to my liking.
Listening to the hum of the computer
And the sound of my roommate snoring,
The bed looks mighty nice about now.
But the page is still blank,
And as one-fifth of my grade,
It's something I really can't ignore
(The way I did the last one).
Working like a slave for the GPA,
Living in pursuit of the elusive 'A'
Gotta get at least a B
To keep insurance costs down,
To get into a good grad school,
To get a high paying job,
With benefits.
So that later in life I can
Lie in my king size bed
Next to my Trophy Wife
With warm blankets and soft pillows,
Dreaming of Waffles in the morning.

2009 - Nathaniel Jones