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TERMINATOR: the musical

I have traveled through the time
I have traveled through the space
I have come to 1984
To destroy the human race!

Cause there isn’t too much time
And I’ve got to find the place
Where there lives one Sarah Conner
And I’ll blast her in the face!

There’s so much that I must do
There’s so much that I must see
But first I must make one request:
Your clothes – gib dem to me!

Sarah Conner… there are three
So I’ll kill them one by one
And when Sarah #3 is dead,
I’ll know my task is done.

Sarah Conner I am coming for You!
Sarah Conner, prepare to die!
Sarah Conner, You’re the one I’m after –
Sarh Conner – your end is nigh!

And there’s nothing you can do to stop it!
You might as well just give in!
There’s no way you can beat me,
You are no heroine.

Don’t try to run,
There’s no place for you to hide
So just sit back and prepare yourself
For one hell of a ride!

I don’t think so, Terminator!
There’s another option I can give -
Sarah Conner, listen to me:
Come with me if you want to live!

Who are you?
And who is he?
Why does he want me to die?

Now’s not the time for questions –
Now’s the time to fly!

We’ve got to get you out of here
To a place you can’t be found.

I know of a place where we can go –
Far from people… underground.

Do not worry, Sarah.
You can make it if you stick with me!
We can go to your secret hiding spot,
And I’ll tell you of your history.

I may have lost the battle,
But this was just my first attack.
Go ahead, run and hide!
But know that “I’ll be back!”

All right now, listen mister!
I don’t know who you are
But I deserve some answers
Like, what just happened in that bar?

This may seem a little strange to you,
So I’ll try to make it clear:
I come from the distant future:
2027 is the year.

The man that tried to kill you
Is not a man at all–
He’s a cybernetic organism –
Underneath his skin, metal!
A computer makes his decisions,
He follows his programming's will,
and he’s only got one mission:
And that mission is to kill.

Why me? What have I done?

You’re not the one he’s after –
He’s trying to kill your son.

My son?

Your son is the one that saves mankind
From extinction from the Earth
So the machines sent back the terminator
To stop him before his birth.

John Conner is the one that sent me
To help you to survive.
It doesn’t matter what happens to me –
You must remain alive.

The terminator is fast and strong!
How can we possibly win?

We haven’t got time for planning
We’ve just got to begin.

Here, take these explosives.
And I have got my gun
Do not give up, Sarah –
Or else he’s already won.

Why are you risking your life for me?
Could you please give me a clue?

When I first saw your picture,
I knew this is what I had to do.
I guess what I’m trying to say is…
Sarah Conner, I love you.


Isn’t this a pretty picture?
It makes my heart aglow,
To see both of my victims
Can be killed with a single blow.

I’m not gonna let you do that, Terminator. Quick! Sarah! Run!

You really think that a girl can outrun a terminator?

Well, we’ll see how well you run after you’ve had a taste of nitroglycerin! See how well you can fight against that FIREBALL!

I’m a fireball! Fireball!
I can burn through anything!
I’m a fireball! Fireball!
I can burn through a truck or a solid metal wall!
I’m a fireball!

Looks like you’re the one that’s terminated, terminator!

You think the battle’s over.
You think the war is won.
Well, I’ve got a piece of news for you:
I’m an endoskeleton!

Sarah Conner, I know where you are
In that great big factory
I’m coming in to get you
So I will live in infamy.

You made one mistake, my hombre
You didn’t kill me all the way
And now it’s time for me
To blow your endoskeleton away.

I have traveled through the time.
I’ve been blown to smithereens
Now it’s time to ensure the fall of man,
And the rise of the machines!

Not today, terminator.

That’s what I call a crushing defeat. I’ll be baack… (dies)

And thus began my journey
When the terminator died
From now to the time when the war is here,
I’ll fight with my son at my side.

I do fear for the future,
But I know John will see it through,
Just as long as he can survive
Terminator 2!

2009 - Nathaniel Jones