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• The Statue •

A large statue sits center stage with a sign that says “DO NOT TOUCH”

A man walks over and looks at the statue.

He looks around sneakily and reaches out to touch,
but the security guard glares at him.

The man walks around the statue and tries to touch it on the other side, but the guard stops him again.

The man fakes a yawn to try to touch again, guard stops him again.

The man walks away from the statue, pretends to be looking at something else, then runs at the statue to touch, guard stops again.

The man tries to touch the statue many times rapidly, each time blocked by the guard, until the guard points to the exit, and the man walks out.

The guard looks at the statue.

The guard looks around sneakily, touches the statue, and knocks it to the ground where it breaks.

A couple walks in, and in order to hide his crime, the guard takes the place of the statue.

The original man pokes his head in to look for the guard, doesn’t see him.

Man walks up to the guard-statue, and looks around sneakily.

Man touches the guard, who turns around to yell at him - the man screams and runs away.

2009 - Nathaniel Jones