Official website of Seattle-area actor and writer Nathaniel Jones


based on "Songs of Innocence and Experience" by William Blake


The sun gleams bright
On the snow covered lawn.
Little children take flight
To turn their radios on.

Their ears strain to hear
What the broadcast will say,
The kids huddled near,
They can’t turn away.

First the traffic, then news,
Then the sports, oh the pain!
Should they put on their shoes?
Should they prepare for rain?

Then finally, it’s time!
The newscaster will say
Whether or not
There will be school today.

The children lean forward in anticipation,
Along with all other kids in the nation.
“Due to the inclement weather at hand,
All schools shall be closed throughout the land!”

The children rush outside
To build a snowman.
The snow’s half an inch deep,
But they do what they can.

Snowball fights, cocoa,
Kids playing together,
These are what children know
Come with this kind of weather.


The parents wake up
To the sound of kids cries.
They sit up in bed,
Wipe the sleep from their eyes.

The children rush in
And jump into the bed
To proclaim the great news
That all parents dread.

“There’s snow on the ground,
They’ve shut down the school!”
“How,” moan the parents,
“Could they be so cruel?”

“Today’s our day off!
We had the house to ourselves!
But now we must spend it
Entertaining these elves!”

The kids pull their arms,
“Wake up! It’s time to play!”
And the parents just moan,
“This will be a long day.”

2009 - Nathaniel Jones