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Thirteen Ways of Looking at Pain

Some people derive pleasure from pain.
I am not one of these people.

I was once numb to everything.
Now I feel pleasure, and I feel pain.
Without one, you cannot have the other.

Pain for one
Is pain for all.

I sat in the hospital,
Blood rushing from my finger.
“Gee,” I thought,
“This must be what pain feels like.”

Some pains are accepted,
And even liked once in a while.
My sister is one of these.

One man finds pain
Because he doesn’t like
His reflection in the mirror.
Another man finds pain
Because he cannot find
A mirror to look at.

Before I knew pain,
I did not know how to avoid it.
Now that I know pain,
I tend to attract it.

Physical pain distracts from
The pain of emotion.
Maybe that’s why people wear
Uncomfortable shoes.

Pain would make me appreciate
The moments where there is no pain,
If there were such moments.

My leg fell asleep,
And I kicked a wall to wake it up.
The pain felt better than no feeling at all.

Pain can be turned to love –
Or mistaken for it.

Dealing with pain is difficult.
Dwelling on pain is easy..
Eating cookies while watching TV
Is even easier.

If I had it all to do over again,
I would take away the pain.
But if I took away the pain,
There would be nothing to do over again.

2009 - Nathaniel Jones