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A Sestina

Under the light of the autumn moon
Children dress up like ghastly creatures:
Goblins, witches – even Republicans!
Their costumes give all the neighbors a fright
And the neighbors, in turn, give piles of candy
That is sure to spoil the kids’ appetites and teeth.

The monsters run and gnash their teeth
Watched over by the man in the moon.
The one thing on their minds is “Candy!”
For these are sugar-crazed creatures.
Their sugar-induced energy is enough of a fright

To earn disapproving glances from Republicans.

The doorbell rings, and out come the Republicans
Their smiles full of pearly white teeth -
But the smile fades as they realize with fright
That some teenagers are giving them the moon.
Out come the guns to get rid of these creatures
Who delivered the unwanted eye candy.

Much glee is felt by the makers of candy,
(Most likely some industrious Republicans),
As well as the makers of masks of foul creatures
And make-up and fake rubber teeth.
Kids are drawn to their products like the tides to the moon,
But low profits gives them all a fright.

Television stations make shows full of fright,
In hopes to sell advertisements for candy.
Usually taking place on the night of a full moon,
The stories are about nice Republicans
Who move into places that rattle their teeth
Due to the presence of supernatural creatures.

When its bedtime for the monster-like creatures,
The parents are still feeling fright,
Before one single treat hits the small kiddies’ teeth
they search the pile of Halloween candy
for razorblades, poison, or bible tracts from Republicans.
All this candy will make the kids grow as large as the moon.

2009 - Nathaniel Jones