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"Get Out Hillary" Medley

Gore: There you are, Hillary, I've been lookin' all over.
I've been warning you for months to clean up your act.
Your attacks just bounce back and you're way behind Barack
Hillary: That's a lie, that's a lie!
It's just I'm tired, and I'm not sleeping well.
Gore: Hillary, please, stop excusing yourself.
You are broke, you misspoke, your campaign is a joke!
Hillary: Now you're lyin', you're lyin'! You've got to acknowledge
I'm fine, I'm fine, I still lead in the electoral college!
But Obama thinks he's better than everybody
Just because he's better than everybody!
Wail till I get my delegates!


Don’t tell me not to run I’ve simply gotta
If someone takes a spill, it’ll be Obama
Who told you you’re allowed to shut down my campaign?
I’m gonna take the white house!
Washington, here I come!
I’ll never bow out
Now that I won Pennsylvania
I said nobody
Had better rain on my campaign!

D esperation: I think It’s clouding your senses
Your list of offenses is so long now
Yeah, you’re a fighter
I know you’re not a quitter
But you’re deep in the shitter
And sinkin’ fast

Never gonna give it up
Never gonna lose my ground
Never gonna lose my crown, or be spearned
Never gonna step aside
Never gonna be denied
What I feel inside I have earned?

I think it’s time that you got (Out)
Pack your bags and get (Out)
Turn around and get (Out)
Don’t say a word, just get (Out)
Stop right now, cut it (Out)

Now wait a minute
I can still win it! (Yeah yeah! Yeah yeah!)
Me and my superdelegates
We won’t go down without a fight (Yeah, yeah! Yeah yeah!)
And all the states that matter
They vote for me!

Do we have to kick you (Out) 
I will never get (Out) 
Delegates, help me (Out) 
(Hillary, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, Hillary. Hillary.)
(Obama, Hey-bama, bama, bama, Obama, Hey-bama, Obama)
Even so, I won’t get (Out)

You better get out right now (Out!)
Get out? No way, no how! (out!)

Out! (out)
Get (Out)  x 4

2009 - Nathaniel Jones