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• Faundiana, the Canadian Princess •

Dad: Happy birthday, Faundiana! Here is your present! 

Faun: Oh thank you mom and dad! This is just what I've always wanted! A real crown! Does this mean I can be a real princess?

 Mom: Yes, dear. You are a real Canadian Princess now!

 M: And here is your royal unicorn, Faundiana! He will fly you wherever you like to go! That is what Canadian princesses get to do!

 F: Can I eat as much candy as I want?

 D: Yes! Canadian princesses never get a stomach ache or cavities!

 F: Does that mean I don't have to go to the dentist?

 M: Yes! Canadian princesses never go to the dentist!

 D: They don't go to the doctor, either!

 F: But what if I get sick?

 M: Canadian princesses never get sick!

 F: Oh! I am the luckiest girl in the world! I've always wanted to be a Canadian princess!

 M: Well, now you are one!

 D: But, of course, with every privilege comes responsibility!

 F: Oh, really?

 D: No! I was just kidding! Canadian princesses get to do anything they want!

 F: Yeah for me! I am a Canadian princess!

2009 - Nathaniel Jones