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• Childhood Classics •
by 4-year-old Nathaniel Jones

Birds. nest. little g g.
What. DID. that. say.
the. do g. is. on. the. bus.
hoW. cAn. that. be.
a. Dog. on. a. bus.
that. is. so. FUNNY.

"M M M M M"
Once there was an M.
And he had a brother M, a sister M and a mother M.
And he had 2 uncle Ms.
And he had a flashlight to see in the dark.
And he had a cat and he had a dog.

One day a little baby was all alone
and he was happy cuz he had a brother
and a sister and a Mom and a Dad.
And he went to school and he kept
growing until it got dark.
And he sighed.

One day an old man was sitting in front of his house.
And he was an old man who didn't have any food or toys to play with.
And he didn't have a mother or brothers or sisters.
He had to be alone in the dark
and he hummed and he sighed.
And one day he decided to buy a puppy and a cat.
Besides, it was Christmas.
He decided to get a Christmas tree and put decorations on it.

2009 - Nathaniel Jones