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The Bully and Timmy Thompson

A Seuss-tina
(Note: You, the reader, are Ralph, the schoolyard bully, and you are on your way to beat up your favorite victim, Timmy Thompson)

As he leant over to tie his right shoe,
Little Timmy Thompson knew what he had to do.
He’d cough a mighty cough (because he had the flu)
And then his nasty virus would be transferred to you.
He’d cough and he’d cough, and when he was through,
You’d feel so sick you run crying “boo hoo.”

But then, Timmy ponders, your Mom might ask, “Who
Did this? Tell me, and I’ll tell him to shoo!
His disease spreading days are about to be through!
I’ll make his wish that he didn’t do
What he did that he’s sorry that he did to you,
That dirty little boy who gave you the flu!”

In Timmy’s small head these nasty thoughts flew,
And he wished to himself that he could know who
Could stop him from fighting – could save him from you,
The school yard bully, watching Tim tie his shoe,
Not waiting for nothin’ – you have a beating to do,
And if you wait any longer, recess will be through.

You walk up to Timmy, and the first punch is threw,
A hit, to the jaw, and backwards Tim flew,
Landing smack-dab in a pile of doggy doo,
Left by the dog of a homeless man who
Tends to walk here at night with his one tattered shoe,
Thinking of days as a young boy like you.

From the pile of poo, little Tim looks at you,
And you tell from his eyes that this fight is all through.
Tim sits in one spot, apart from his shoe
He didn’t finish tying it, and when you hit him it flew,
And now Tim is crying, “boo hoo hoo hoo.”
“My” you think sadly, “such a short fight won’t do!”

Far away, you hear Sinatra crooning “do be do be do,”
As you look at the boy who is staring at you,
And you realize that it is he and not you who
Is the stronger between you - a major break through.
You walk away from Timmy, unaware of what flew
Towards your head from behind – till you’re hit with the shoe.

Who knew what little Tim could do with a shoe
And the air that the shoe flew through – he beat you!

2009 - Nathaniel Jones