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Ballroom Blitz (parody)

It’s gone on so long,
this erratic democratic primary, oh yeah.
Three months till the convention,
and all this building tension
wears on me. Oh yeah.
I see a man named Barack
So ahead of the pack that the math says he’s already won,
But Hillary, close behind him, she says “never mind him,
‘Cause I’m the electable one.”

Oh yeah, it’s exciting, watching all the in-fighting!
And each team keeps on spinning, saying their side is winning!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
The man named Barack
Says “call off your attack, cause you can’t catch up in delegates.”
Hillary said “Obama,
Let’s cut out all the drama,” as she points the big states she gets!
Delegates! States she gets! Which one quits? Voter splits!

Obama leads the vote count
but just in states that don’t count,
So Hillary, she says she really leads. Oh yeah!
Despite Obamamania, she won in Pennsylvania,
and said that shows he can’t win states he needs. Oh yeah!
But the man named Barack
He wouldn’t step back, he still maintained the lead.
But to add to his frustrations,
Ten million in donations
Meant that she wasn’t gonna concede!

Oh yeah it’s amazing how much money they’re raising
Both of them are such troopers, trying to sway the supers
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah !

The man named Barack he
said “Girl, you must be wacky if you think you’ll get these delegates!”
Hillary said “Your mistake,
I’m gonna drink your milkshake, as soon as I pay off my debts!”
Delegates!  Place your bets! Which one quits? Delegates!

2009 - Nathaniel Jones