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Anything You Can Do (parody)

(Lines sung back-and-forth by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton)

Anything you can do I can do also.
I can do anything that you can do.
Yes you can.
Yes  I can.
I just said you can.
So did I.
That you did!
Lets agree to agree!

Anything that you say I can agree with.
I can agree with whatever you say.
You are right.
So are you.
We’re both right.
Can’t argue with that.
When you’re right you are right
And damn right we are right!

His speeches are respected, but he can't be elected!
Calculating and derisive, her methods are divisive!
I've more experience  than he's had! Did you know that in 1996, I was a key player in Somalia?
Oh,yeah? So was Sinbad!

All of our policies are practically equal.
Equality’s  one thing our policies share.
They also share everything else.
They’re the same policies, pretty much.
I can’t tell them apart.
Neither can I.
They’re the same – they’re the same!

We see eye-to-eye on most every issue.
On most every issue we have to agree.
(unison – big finish)
But for god’s sake, vote for me in November
Because if s/he wins, s/he’ll destroy the country!

2009 - Nathaniel Jones